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HOME  >  Latest News  >  Pre-departure PCR Test for COVID-19(渡航前の新型コロナウイルスPCR検査)のご案内

Pre-departure PCR Test for COVID-19(渡航前の新型コロナウイルスPCR検査)のご案内


以下の通り新型コロナウイルスのPre-departure PCR Test for COVID-19を受け付けております。

※シンガポール出国の72時間前から48時間前まで(土曜日、日曜日、祝日、及び祝日の前日を除く)に行うPre-departure PCR Testのみご予約お申し込みを受け付けさせて頂きます。また、血液を使った抗体検査、及び唾液による検査は受け付けておりませんのでご了承ください。出国48時間前以内のPre-departure PCR Test、血清検査、及びPre-departure Test以外の場合は他院をご利用頂きますようお願い致します。


1. ご予約について


・宛先アドレス: jghpro@japan-green.com.sg

・eメールの件名を「COVID-19 Pre-departure PCR Test申し込み」として、以下をお知らせください。







 S$186(GST込み S$199)


陰性証明書は、デジタル証明書発行機関から送信されるシンガポール保健省所定の様式のデジタル証明書(Digital PDT Certificate)の他、日本に向けて出発される方には当クリニックから日本政府所定の様式の証明書を発行致します。陰性証明書は印刷したものもお持ちください。


 eメール: jghpro@japan-green.com.sg
 電話:   6734 8871
 受付時間: 月-土 08:30-12:30, 14:00-17:30


4. 免責


Pre-departure PCR Test for COVID-19

Pre-departure PCR Testing for COVID-19 is available at our clinic on an appointment basis. Upon confirmation of your itinerary and requirement for the above-mentioned test with the relevant authority, please contact us to make a booking.

※ Pre-departure PCR Testing at our clinic will be between 72 hours and 48 hours (except Saturday, Sunday, public holiday and the day before public holiday) before the departure time and on an appointment basis. Tests using blood and saliva, Pre-departure Test to be performed less than 48 hours before departure time and PCR test not for Pre-departure purpose are not available at our clinic.

※We arrange for pre-departure PCR test only. If there is any symptom of acute respiratory infection, we will refer you to another clinic.

1. Appointment

1) Booking
Please confirm requirement for Pre-departure PCR test with the relevant authority and flight departure date/time first, then email to us from the person who will undergo the test as follows.

- email address: jghpro@japan-green.com.sg

- Please type COVID-19 Pre-departure PCR Test as the subject and provide us with following information.
(1) Full name (as in passport)
(2) Date of birth
(3) Passport number
(4) (Resident in Singapore only) NRIC/FIN number
(5) Mobile phone number
(6) (If you used our clinic in the past) Consultation card number

- Documents to attach to email: e-ticket of the flight or equivalent document indicating actual departure date and time

※For enquiry only, please tell us your name and contact telephone number.

2) Confirmation of appointment

Once appointment has been confirmed, we will return an email with the appointment date and time. If appointment cannot be confirmed due to limited appointment slots, etc. we are sorry but please contact other clinics.

2. Cost

S$186 (S$199 inclusive of GST)

3. Notification of test result

Swabbed specimen will be sent to a designated laboratory for PCR test. Digital certificate will be e-mailed to you if the test result has been confirmed to be negative. We will also issue a Japanese format certificate if you are bound for Japan. Please print them ready to produce upon departure and arrival.

※If certificates are not received or not shown on your device, please check other folders such as spam mail folder.
For any queries, please contact us.

e-mail: jghpro@japan-green.com.sg
Tel: 6734 8871
Enquiry hours: Mon-Sat 08:30-12:30, 14:00-17:30

※If the test result is positive, immediate admission to a designated hospital will be mandatory. If the test result is inconclusive or similar expression, a re-test will be required, therefore, the departure may need to be postponed.

4. Disclaimer

While we will try our best to convey the test result in time, there is a possibility of occurrence of any unforeseen events such as delay in availability of test result, re-test, certificate not delivered or not shown due to the status of network or device which may necessitate flight postponement. For such events, we will not be held liable.
The above contents are based on the relevant information available as of below-mentioned date. As the relevant information may change in the future, contents are subject to change.